PARIS VIdeO eGUIdeS - The best leading and cultural trip inside PARIS from home or with your media player, Mobile phone...

Click on the video tracks on the right to view  the first track inside Paris, about the Luxembourg Garden...

 Vol.1 :
 Paris Intro
 Luxembourg Garden
 The Pantheon
 Sorbonne University
 Cluny Museum


 Vol.2 :
 Saint-Severin (Latin Quarter)
 Saint-Louis island 1 and 2
 Conciergerie and Sainte Chapelle
 Square du vert Galant
 Institut de France (Pont des Arts)

 Vol.3 :
 Odeon, Buci, Mabillon
 Saint-Germain des Prés
 Alliance Française







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Video 1 : Paris intro;  Video 2 : Inside the "Luxembourg Garden"
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The famous areas of Paris to discover with the full package :
From the Luxembourg Garden to the Montparnasse quarter...

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Quarters to discover with the full package


Version Française

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